Sulwhasoo Herbal Clay Purifying Mask 35ml

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The herbal clay mask cleanses the skin surface and pores and comforts sensitive skin


Offers deep cleansing experience for skin pores using dense clay particles

The Yellow Sea is known as one of the three most valuable mudflats in the world.

The Herbal Clay Purifying Mask contains clay sourced from the West Coast of Korea, with fine particles refined by natural tidal forces.

These clay particles are less than a few dozen microns in size, allowing them to remove impurities accumulated in dynamic expression lines on the skin, fine wrinkles, and skin pores.


Delivers rapid soothing benefits with herbs

The Herbal Clay Purifying Mask features the "Korean Traditional Herb Complex”, made with mugwort, heartleaf Houttuynia powder, and six types of soothing herbs.

These herbs provide effective soothing action to skin irritated by various daily environmental aggressors.

Also, the mask contains PHA, a naturally derived 2nd generation exfoliating substance, to remove dead skin gently.


Contains hydrating gel cream-type clay

The Herbal Clay Purifying Mask has a wet, gel cream-type texture.

It spreads softly and with a cooling sensation, and does not feel strained over time.

It is a clay mask that can be used with pleasure.


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