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Oronine H Ointment made from ingredients of the highest quality, this ointment works as both a skin cleanser and moisturizer.
Also, it can be used to treat itching and irritation due to sting by mosquito, flea, bedbug, louse, gnat, etc. For Fors and remedies. Use the make-up application. Pimple remedy. Cure athlete's foot. For ringworm, scaldhead and psoriasis. For shoe-sores. For your baby's diaper and heat rash , and the For chapped by Frost Bite Skin.
the Properties: White Hydrophilic Ointment

Indications: Acne, Pimples, flaking of Skin, Light Burns, chapped Skin, chilblains, scratches, Dry Athlete's Foot, Jock ITCH, and scall

Instructions and directions for use: Apply to the affected area of absorbent cotton or gauze, or put on directly using a clean finger, depending on the condition of the area.
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