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Treat your face to the ultimate concealer palette in six color correcting shades. Customizable to create your ideal shade to cover imperfections the lightweight formula glides on for an ultra-smooth finish and leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

How to use:

1. The yellow The shade is good for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins or under eye circles. This color generally works on all skin shades, and it's great for evening out the skin tone to give a bright base for foundation. The yellow shade generally works better at covering Bruises ON or circles Social Tan Dark Skin.

2. IS of The Green Shade Good for neutralizing the any redness. that means breakouts, irritation, Sunburn, Anything that Gives your face Appearance A Lobster-Y.

3. The purple shade is good for neutralizing any yellow undertones in the skin. It can also add a nice glow to dull or pasty complexion.

4. The peachy -pink shade is good for brightening the skin around the eyes, or generally masking the Visible effects of fatigue. In other words, it does pretty much the same thing as the yellow shade, but works better on fair skin than yellow does. This palette really has a little something for everybody.

5. The tan shade works as a good Standard concealer color for me, personally. It's blendable, has great coverage, and works for me when I'm just trying to make my face look like a normal face instead of the monster mask I wake up with.

6. The tan-brown shade is good for contouring! Seriously, for those of you who are wary of using bronzer to contour your face, this is the shade for you.
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