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Lion PAIR Acne Cream W (14g)
Japan Lion Pair Acne Cream W is highly effective treatment through the combined action of anti-inflammatory.

• Contains Anti-Acne formula ,effectively treats Acne and helps prevent new acne pimples
• The cream become transparent at The affected in the Spread thinly over the when Area.
• (So) you CAN use the without the any IT use with Concern as at The Day During the when you Go OUT or an under Makeup.
• A Popular Facial Cream for Acne from treating at The root.
• It IS the Designed for Adults to Anti-Bringing Inflammatory and antibacterial effects for acnes and pimples.

Product Features:
• Anti-inflammation: Rapidly diffuse skin tension and inflammation when the skin comes to pimple outbreaks.
• Anti-bacteria: Restrain and control the production of bacteria in pores.
• Repairing: Heal acnes from the root, enhance the recovery.
• Mild nature: Its pH value is close to that of the skin.
• Light texture: The cream is Light and becomes transparent when spread thinly over the affected area.
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