Kao MegRhythm Period Heat Patch Tummy Patch 5pcs/Box

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Long lasting comfortable heat effective relief of muscle/ stomach pain and helps to ease/ relaxation of period pain. Stick on your inner underwear and go, unscented pad. Soft mesh material, friendly to women’s skin. 

- Full Steam: Steam produced from the comfortable heat (40.C). Helps to relax/ ease period pain and improve blood circulation, relief muscle/ stomach pain. 

- Soft Mesh Sheet: Thin sheet, seamless from the outside! Soft mesh sheet gentle on women’s skin.

- Long lasting Warmth Effect: The comfortable heat (40.c) will last for 5 - 8 hours, relief uncomfortable on the affected area.

Benefits and effects:Thermal effect
1.Improves blood circulation.
2.Activates the function of the stomach and intestines
3.Alleviates pain due to neuralgia and muscle soreness.

Sheet features    
Optimal design for women’s stomach and lower back
● Apply on the inside of underwear.
● The soft mesh is gentle to delicate skin.
● The thin sheet doesn’t show from outside.
● Proprietary fluffy textured processing.

How to use 

Always apply onto underwear. Do not apply onto skin.

Peel off the paper strip and apply the sheet on the inside of underwear.

● Use and apply to a high rise underwear that fits to body and can cover a whole sheet.
● Do not apply on delicate fabric (such as silk and lace) for the underwear may be damaged by adhesive.
● The sheet may not stick firmly, depending on the fabric of the underwear (nylon, polyurethane, lace etc.).
● Be careful the sheet doesn't fall off when you move the underwear up or down, like when at the washroom.

Read indications on the individual packaging carefully before use.