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Many have experienced the annoying itch of a mosquito bite from time spent outdoors, but few have been
able to find relief from this problem since common repellents are often ineffective and clumsy to carry

Our mosquito patch may be the solution for persons of All ages to the fight against mosquitoes and
numerous life threating mosquitoborne diseases, especially useful for babies where they could not fend
themselves against mosquitos. Every single patch, which works for up to 12 hours and is 100% natural,
doesn't use the harmful Chemicals used in traditional bug repellents, yet it practically makes a person
invisible to pesky mosquitoes just by sticking it on to their clothing.

Made using natural eucalyptus essential oil & lemon essential oil.
Attractive designs which increase acceptance by children.
100% natural essence product safe for use on both adults & children.
Contains essence of citronella oil.
Natural ingredient to prevent mosquito attack.
Suitable for both indoor And outdoor use.

Usage Instructions:
Mosquito repellent patch is easy to use, simply peel off the paste film & paste on socks, sleeves,
trousers etc.
Can also be affixed to bed, office furniture, tables & chairs, anywhere that a person will Be around.
Every single patch provides effective protection up to 12 hours.

Not advisable to apply directly on skin, eyes and sensitive areas where irritation and rashes may occur.
Product is inconsumable, do not put it into the mouth.
Childrens using this product should be under adult supervision.
Cease using this product if irritation or allergies occurs .
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