Tiger Balm Plaster RD Warm, 10 x 14 cm, 27 Sheets

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Tiger balm warm RD plaster is an excellent medication for stiff muscles. Whenever you have a painful back, neck or legs, go to tiger balm warm RD plaster.
It can quickly work to reduce the pain. It goes inside the skin, apparently disappears, then block the neurotransmitters hat transmit the pain.
The pain signal fails to reach the brain, and hence, the patient becomes unable to feel the pain. It does not take longer time, work quickly and smoothly for relief.

“Tiger balm warm RD plaster” makes the skin warm and warmer than the heat helps to reduce the pain. Heat therapy is an excellent idea used by many therapists to relief the pain.
Heat go inside the skin, make the part warmer, then the bacteria inside the skin dies that cause infection and eventually the pain also starts to disappear.


There is certain features of tiger balm warm RD plaster that make it special. Let’s have a look on them:

For all parts of the body, there are different sizes needed to cure the pain. Sometimes, after playing tennis or badminton, the arms pain then the small size of tiger balm is ideal for them.

But if you are living a sedentary lifestyle, never go out, always sit o the computer chair, then you will develop a backache. A backache is so severe that it may cease your routine daily tasks. Then a large tiger balm is ideal for it.

It has a property to stick on skin. After sticking, it works to reduce the pain. It can properly adhere to the skin.

Easy to use
It is easy to use. Here is a guide inside the pack that tells about the proper use of it. Just open the pack, read the instructions, work accordingly, and everything will be fine.

Produce heat
It produces heat that makes the muscles soft and less stiff. Heat makes the muscles pain less. Soften them and relax them.

Long Lasting effects
Its effects are long lasting. You use it and feel better for a long time. Muscles become relax and no more pain.

Can be Used on any part of the body
It can be used on any part of the body. All sizes are available. Anyone can easily use it.

Leave no residue
It sticks to the skin. But the best part is that it leave nothing left unpleasant.