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Before pregnancy:
- Contains 500 mcg of folic acid, taken daily for at least one month before and during pregnancy to help prevent spinal canal and/or congenital brain-free malformation
- Provide key nutrients for pregnancy
- Folic acid and zinc play a functional role In cell division during tissue growth and development

- Provides a rich range of omega-3 DHA to help support the healthy development of the brain, eyes and nervous system
- Iodine supports normal brain development
- Vitamin D is good for the healthy development of
Bones and teeth - Vitamin C supports gums and skin health
- Folic acid promotes healthy placental growth and development in the fetus
- Low constipation iron is mild and non-irritating to the digestive system
- B vitamins help relieve fatigue and fatigue

- Vitamins C and D are supplemented with zinc to help the mother and baby's immune system
- Can be combined with Swisse Ultinatal breastfeeding conditioning Tablet for added benefit
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