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Mixed with 7 unique fermentation extracts
● Extracted 200 types of vegetables, fruits, and grains
● Combination of two types of yeast (yeast peptide DNF-10 / dry yeast), enzymes will make people easy to absorb nutrients
● Joined the oldest fermented ingredient called the earth's fulvic acid

Enhance metabolism and body slimming while detoxifying beauty!
Let your body return to the metabolic capacity of 18 years old!
The body is easier and faster!
The magical enzyme: Enzyme is the most important nutrient of the cell, it is vitality, it is vitality, it is the symbol of life!
The role of enzymes: detoxification detoxification sterilization antibacterial anti-virus anti-oxidation enhance immunity improve energy repair cells and so on and so on.

150 capsules / 30 days, 5 capsules / day before meals

If you take the enzyme for the first time, if you have a stomachache, don't worry. This is the normal reaction of the bowel cleansing. It is caused by the intense peristalsis of the intestines. After the stool is completely excluded, the pain will disappear and it will be normal to continue taking it. Defecation, the body will be relaxed and comfortable, and the fatigue is significantly reduced.

Enzymes improve the body's metabolism, organize the intestinal environment, and make the burning effect of fat more effective without side effects.

The enzyme is a magnifying glass that carefully checks the health of various parts of the body. When it finds discomfort, it will give an alarm. This kind of alarm is a "recovery reaction". Supplementing the enzyme is an ongoing process, with the adjustment of metabolism and physical fitness. Enhance, the improvement reaction will slowly disappear, after which you can clearly feel the difference between the mental mask and body.
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