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Rosette Face Wash Pasta Sea Clay Smooth
Flush out pores, leaving skin soft and smooth.
Face wash made with mineral-rich sea clay and botanical extracts.
The words paste and pasta come from the same Latin root meaning “dough”, or a fine powder Our springy, elastic foam formula is made with fine sea clay powder to trap excess skin cells and impurities and rinse them cleanly away. Leaves skin feeling richly hydrated and as smooth as porcelain.

Flush out pores with sea clay
Sea Clay is infused with the natural bounty of ancient earth, and contains countless tiny indentations capable of trapping dead skin cells and pore impurities and then rinsing them clean away.
Gentle, yet powerfully smoothing

Contains plant-derived face wash ingredients that are gentle on skin, plus toning rose fruit extract.
Zero added fragrances, colors, or mineral oil
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