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[Gold main effect] whitening, repair acne, smallpox India, pull tight, dilute the spots, red blood, brighten the complexion.

[Silver main effect] whitening, clean water, rejuvenation anti-wrinkle, shrink pores, repair sun swelling, brighten The useion.

[Use Tips]

It is best to wash the bath after the best effect

After bathing or bathing the pores open and the skin is full of water, this time the best absorption of the mask, can fully fill the essence of the mask INTO at The Skin Base (So) AS to the Achieve at The Skin Moist and Smooth Effect..

How to use:. the Remove at The Pearl Film First, at The Silk Film (Middle Layer) Deposited in at The face, the Remove at The Blue the Stereotypes and the then Open at The Film

[Note ]

the Raise at The Film Top to bottom from the when you the make your face
Mask in the affixed to the moment there will be memory, from the bottom of the paste can make the skin more pulling, play a better effect.
The bridge of the nose is the center, and the periphery is obedient.
in the middle of the Nose as a central part of the application of the mask, from the inside and outside the silk mask paper smooth, the introduction of the air, the outer part of the super-darling.
15-20 minutes after taking the mask paper massage for a The few minutes to promote the skin secondary absorption, and then washed with water on the toner, lotion or cream to lock the water.
Silk Mask Ultra-thin material, a touch of rose fragrance, the essence of overweight, a really cool down, everyone Is very suitable for a repair mask.

Repair skin damaged horny, increase skin elasticity and nutrition, anti-radiation, brighten the skin color, whitening moisturizing. 
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