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It is developed according to the characteristics of your child's skin and itching characteristics,
It combines quick action and gentleness to your skin, it is a liquid type itch prevention.

Quick action for insect bites
- Children's skin is less resistant than adults, insect bites or a little
It responds sensitively to irritation, etc. It causes itching. Liquid Mu Baby,
2% unique anti-itch ingredient (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) and liquid
With high penetration, it stops itching quickly and firm.

- Natural refreshing refreshing feeling is obtained by Evaporation of moisture.
Care of skin that has been dropped

- Children who can not stand itching, aggravate the symptoms by scraping the affected part
It tends to cause it. Liquid Muhiebee, panthenol (provitamin B 5)
By helping the normal functioning of your skin, you can make your symptoms worse

Recommended for sensitive skin
- It is prescription that does not like your skin.
Liquid Muhiebee has Ingredients that are not Good AT Children (alcohol and
Menthol) IS not the compounded It IS A Prescription that Makes your Skin Feel less Irritating to your Skin.

-. It IS Slightly acidic Which IS Gentle to your Skin
sebum Film Children's Skin has A weakly acidic That prevents breeding and invasion of germs compared to adults
Formation is not enough. Liquid Muhiebee has the same weakly acidic preparation as healthy skin
So, without sacrificing the defense function of your child's skin with weakly acidic sebum film,

- No fragrance · coloring is nothing.
No steroid ingredients are blended in this drug
Not only for children but also those sensitive to your skin and those who care about the Smell of medicine when going out
It is suitable itching.
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