MISKIN Dia Force Gold Hydro-Gel Eye Patch 60 Pcs Eye Care Miskin

Rearar Dia Force Gold Hydro-Gel Eye Patch (60 Pcs/ 30 Pairs) [New Packaging]

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Vendor: Miskin
Type: Eye Care

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Gold & Diamond is known as a symbol of eternal beauty, promoting metabolism and revitalizing skin tissues. with patented high-molecular mfg technology, 100% water soluble gel type patch contains minerals and nutrient essence from collagen, working deep into skin fast. From seaweed, aloe ferox leaf, green tea, and rose freshen skin and supply nutrition,moisture,and resilience leaving a beautiful skin. eco-friendly hydro gel patch is melting on skin with skin temperature while highly polymered essence is released to skin effective and Getting thinner over application time.

Queen of the Mughal dynasty, ancient Indian legendary beauty, uses the unique beauty treatment of blending diamond powder and plant extracts to keep her beauty. Actually, diamond is well known for skin elasticity, brightening, and removing harmful wastes for centuries It contains seaweed extracts Green tea extracts, aloe vera extracts, rose water, collagen and provide nutrition, moist, and elasticity for around your eyes' beauty and youthfulness.

DIAFORCE Hydro-Gel eye patch is made by new polymer technology. All ingredients are condensed itself with nutrition so It is not only water soluble but also eco-friendly. Absorbing plentiful essence into skin, the eye patch will be thinner and thinner itself gradually.


Contains gold molecules, promotes blood circulation
Hydrility, whitening, brightening, moisturizing and elasticity
Provide nutrition for the skin
with antioxidant effect, activation of cells, improve tired, dull skin around the eyes

How to use:

Apply basic skin cares on face before applying eye patch. Sanitary spoon Must be used for eye patch on face. After eye patches gently after 20-30 minutes, After removal of the mask, tap on the remaining essence for full absorption.