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Product Structure
- Massage head
- On/Off button
- Charging base
- When the base is Powdered on, it lights up red here
- USB port
- USB cable

Product Name: Anti-Aging Hot & Cold Beauty Care Device
Model: TM-403
Rated Voltage: 5V
Rated Input Power: 3W

Product introduction
The device uses streamlined integration silicone injection ring design which conforms to the human neck's physiological curvature. With the all-around simulation of frequency electrotherapy, cupping, infrared light, vibrating massage and circle-traction five-in-one multi-channel physiotherapy, it forms an efficient hybrid energy field, so the effect can arrive directly at body's deep tissue cells. While using the device, you can sit and lie. In this way, you can relieve the fatigue of neck, waist, and leg when you are in the company, driving care and at home.

Product use scope
The device can improve partial blood circulation, release partial muscle and relieve fatigue. It applies to relieve neck pain, shoulder, and arm numbness, headache, and dizziness caused by cervical spondylosis (with external impulse tablet, the device can massage back, abdomen, and leg by acupuncture simulation).

How to use:
1. Apply proper lotion to face
2. Long press the key to turning on the device
3. The three modes use the turn """"normal ->cool->hot"""" every 3 minutes, no need manual operation, automatic shifting one after another, complete care for 9 minutes
4. You can also manually switch the mode according to your personal needs. After using, long-press the on/off key to turn off the product
- Wipe the product to clean and put it into the base for automatically charge.
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