Kumano Yushi Horse Oil With Tsubaki Oil Conditioner 600ml Hair Care Kumano

Kumano Yushi Horse Oil With Tsubaki Oil Conditioner 600ml

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Vendor: Kumano
Type: Hair Care

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A popular Japanese Onsen product, KUMANO Horse Oil Conditioner with Tsubaki Oil contains highly nourishing natural pure horse oil. Horse Oil has long been used by indigenious residents of Hokkaido for many purposes including the treatment of skin wounds, soothe rough/chapped skin, as its Constitution is very similar to body's natural fat constitution, it has high penetrative abilities and hence, is able to keep the skin moisturised for long periods of time. Contains other moisturising ingredients such as seaweed and tsubaki oil.
The product is silicon-free. Although silicon can apparently make hair feel smooth and radiant, it is actually filling the gap between cuticles, not really repairing hair. Accumulation of silicon will make hair quality turns bad. Non-silicon hair products brings back hair's Health, restoring hair's natural smoothness and radiance.

Kumano Horse Oil with Tsubaki Conditioner is enriched with moisturizing ingredient tsubaki oil, which is oil extracted from camellia. It repairs, nourishes and moisturizes hair. It stimulates hair growth, showing hair's smoothness, elastically and radiance .
Forms A Protective Barrier Film Which Prevents Damaged Hair from Getting. Highly Moisturizing Tsubaki the Contains Oil and to Protect Nourish, for Shiny Hair Naturally. Same, the pH Skin and Hair Level AS.