JUNGSAEMMOOL Skin Nuder Concealer SPF34 PA++ - Light 6g With Skinny-tap Puff

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Skin Nuder Concealer SPF34 PA++ :

1 Bright tone nude coverage

Covers skin firmly with a radiant finish and keeps it clear over time without making it dull


2 Slim fit nude coverage

The airy fitting powder applies a thin layer on the surface of skin to provide a flawless coverage


3 Artist nude coverage

The tap puff containing the sophisticated know-how of makeup artist is firmly and tightly adheres to cover defects


- High Purity Pigment

A clear coverage that shows your own skin tone


- Airy Fitting Cover

A perfect-fit coverage with a thin layer


- Skinny-Tap Puff

A firm,perfect coverage


Skinny-tap Puff :

- Sharp #Skinny edge

Ultra-small edge for a more perfect, precise coverage on a curved area


- #Flexible band for a better application

The flexible band that wraps the hand allows to deliver the touch of hand directly to skin for a perfect coverage


- Tense #Wide Tap

Powerfully tapped as if tapped by finger for a firm application


How To Use:

Use the tip to apply an appropriate amount to the parts that need to be covered


1. Wear Skinny-tap Puff on a fingertip.

2. Use the edge to apply the concealer to dark circles underneath the eyes, dark blemishes and pimples gently.

3. Use the edge to apply the concealer to the curved areas like next to the nose with some force.

4. Use the wide part to tap the wide area with blemishes like redness and freckles.

5. Use the wide part to apply gently to cover fine wrinkles and pores.