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Sweet, Chewy Yellow Mango-Flavor Chew Jelly. Come and see Ready Q-Chew, the first hangover-relief jelly in Korea
Frequent drinking party, now prepare with convenient Ready Q Jelly Before drinking
Curcumin that is absorbed well into body - Delicious hangover relief
Ready Q-Chew is a round jelly which is small as the size of a thumbnail. It features sweet mango flavor and chewy texture
Are you Ready?

Sweet anti-hangover solution, ‘Ready Q-Chew’ becomes a big hit among Chinese tourists
-Sweet anti-hangover solution, ‘Ready Q-Chew’ becomes a must get shopping item amongst SNS users in China
-A famous drugstore in Myeongdong experiences an increase of 1,444% in ‘Ready Q’ sales in March compared to the previous month
-Handok prepares for a big scale ‘Ready Q’ supply preparation especially targeting Chinese customers who will come to visit Korea during the approaching Labor day holiday
Sweet anti-hangover solution, ‘Ready Q-Chew’ becomes a big hit among Chinese tourists, as the ‘must-get item’ when visiting Korea. It is viewed as the new trendy item of Korean wave.
‘Ready Q-Chew’ is a hangover cure in a form of a round jelly, which became known as the much talked about ‘popular Korean hangover cure 解酒糖 (Haejudang , hangover candy)’, amongst SNS users in China for the last couple of months. Chinese SNS is deemed to be responsible for the exponential sales increase of ‘Ready Q-Chew’.
A sweet, mango flavored ‘Ready Q-Chew’, with its chewy texture and hangover cure effect had captured the heart of Chinese drinkers who are used to the usual bitter flavored, pill type hangover cures. In addition, ‘Ready Q-Chew’ contains curcumin, an extract from Tumeric, which Chinese are familiar with. The attractive, convenient yellow packaging with smiley face is also contributing to the mass purchase of the product by Chinese tourists.
A popular Myeongdong drugstore amongst Chinese tourists is renewing its ‘Ready Q-Chew’ sales record every month this year. In February, the sales grew by 158% compared to the previous month. This figure became 452% in March, and compared to the sales of the corresponding month of the previous year, the sales increase was a remarkable 1,444%. The ‘Ready Q-Chew’ sales made in Myeongdong, a popular area among Chinese tourists, consist of 75% of the total product sales. In April this year, there was even a supply exhaustion of ‘Ready Q-Chew’ products, making it a scarcity.
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