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Fancl Moisturizing LotionWith the muscles and the absorption is greatly improved! With breakthrough nano-infiltration technology, we can infiltrate multiple repairing essences from the source of daily care to the bottom of the muscles, Fill the water-deficient cells with water and nutrients, open the absorption channel, revitalize the moisturizing function, instantly moisturize and soften the skin, and revitalize it from the source. Deep moisturizing power.

The texture is moisturized and rich, especially added To the moisturizing and inducing essence, to open the skin water absorption function, to achieve deep source of moisture, make the skin smooth, moist and full.

Raffinose, fresh royal jelly moisturizing essence, pure rice fermented moisturizing essence, European mallow flower essence, sweet pea flower essence, moisturizing fresh collagen, hyaluronic acid

How to use:
After cleansing, gently apply it with a muscle solution of about 3-8 drops It can be applied repeatedly in particularly dry areas.
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