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The composition includes substances necessary to maintain the vital energy of men after 40. This is the age when one should already think about health and prolongation of an active period of life.

- Ecstasy Blueberries and Lutein are useful for improving vision.
Nattokinase and DHA are also included in the recipe of the complex. Docosahexaenoic acid DHA is one of the main components of complex lipids. DHA is a food component that prolongs the life and normal functioning of the body.
- The biologically active additive Natto Kinase is derived from the extract of soybeans. They contain in large quantities a unique enzyme called kinase natto.
- Alpha-lipoic acid is needed to maintain the process of processing sugar into energy, and not into fatty deposits. Sugar with the use of this product will not turn into fat.
- Coenzyme Q10 is necessary for the vital energy and strength of the body.
- Vitamins B and C - do not accumulate in the body, so their constant and uniform replenishment from the outside is required.
- Mac extract and zinc support male potency.
- Extracts of turmeric and ocean oysters help in eliminating the consequences of drinking alcohol. Oysters are also good for raising male potency.
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