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Coreana Seduire Magic Ampoule Eye & Face Cream effectively lifts the eyes, tightens the eye area, removes edema, wipes dark circles like an eraser, and the effect is as high as 63.23%. It is like the effect of injecting Botox, removing wrinkles, and the effect is as high as 63.23%. Firms and moisturizes the eye area, enhancing the elasticity of the eye area. Medical formula, clinical trials, only take 4-8 weeks, and you can see the real change.

In addition to removing eye edema, improving dark circles, it can also be used for other anti-wrinkle. For example: crow's feet, decree lines, head lines, neck lines with a little magnesium effect, and the changing face is dim, so it is also a multifunctional all-purpose eye cream. And pregnant women, sensitive muscles can be used

It can eliminate eye bags floating sputum, improve dark circles, and can also be used for facial wrinkle resistance, law lines, forehead lines, neck lines, and new beauty functions to improve skin bleak, so this is a versatile cream, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, Firming, melanin, sensitive skin can also be used, and also comes with an eye massage stick, which works better with eye cream!
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