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What is the difference between Comotomo's silicone nipple and latex nipple:
Latex nipple is made of natural latex, natural latex is very elastic, very soft, baby sucks up
The taste is closer to the mother's nipple, and it is easy to restore the original shape, can resist pulling, extremely elastic
Sex is also harmless to the environment. But because latex is a natural material, it is taken from rubber tree juice. ,Period of use
Will be shorter, easier to age, the edge of the nipple is soft, easy to dislocate when tightened, easy to leak, and
There is a characteristic smell of rubber, and some babies may not like it. Need to be stored carefully, avoid direct sunlight and
Store in a cool, dry place.
Silicone nipples are made of high quality plastics that resist temperature changes and can be boiled and surface light
Slip, transparent and tasteless. However, silicone rubber is less elastic than latex. Once the surface is damaged, it is easy to tear.
crack. Silicone is relatively fragile. If it is used frequently, you should carefully check the surface for damaged silicone.
If the nipple shows signs of aging, such as dark lines, scratches, tooth prints or small holes, it should be replaced immediately.
The nipple replacement cycle depends on the use of the nipple and the number of disinfections and the actual growth needs of the baby. General advice
The replacement period of the latex nipple is 1-2 months, and the replacement period of the silicone nipple is 3 months. The longer the latex nipple is used, the darker the nipple and the sticky. You should check carefully before and after each use.
If it is found to be worn or broken, it should be replaced immediately.
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