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Beauty Buffet SCENTIO Milk Plus Whitening with Co-enzyme Q10 Body Lotion (400ml)
Product of Thailand
For All Skin Type.

Milk whitening body lotion enriched with extracts of milk proteins, leaving your skin looks younger and softer than before. Also, the key ingredient of Coenzyme Q (Co-enzyme Q10) is to reduce and prevent free radical which causes the deterioration of the skin Coenzyme Q (Co-enzyme Q10) a potent antioxidant than vitamin E and 50 times more powerful than vitamin E.
After using it for a while you will feel the white skin youthful, soft and more vibrant than ever.
Whitening body lotion is full of readily absorbed bioactive milk protein extract and Co-Enzyme Q10, a naturally-occurring skin revitalizer.
White milk protein extract conditions and lightens your skin tone, the key component, Co-Enzyme Q10, helps defend against skin aging, provides energy, and protects skin cells from damage caused by environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight. Co-Enzyme Q10 prevents the free radical that is 50 times more powerful than vitaminE. After a short time of use, skin becomes brighter, more even, softer, and more refined.
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