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Now, here's an overview of how its going to work.



Please see below:



1. How AFFILIATE works:


If you are still wondering what is an affiliate.

It is simply earning commission by promoting our products!

You'll be able to receive corresponding commission

based on the sales level you achieve.

e.g. You are a youtuber or reseller and wish to become

Nana Mall's affiliate. By starting fresh, you'll be able

to enjoy 3% commission from the total orders you generate via

your own affiliate link.

Level up to 4% commission if you achieve >$5000 USD in sales

and 5% commission if you achieve >$10000 USD






2. How DROPSHIP works:


What is Dropshipping?

We help you ship directly to your customer.

Hassle free for you so you can focus on growing your sales!

Without having to worry about warehouse fees or inventory cost.

Also during this process you do not have to expose Nana Mall

and can build your own branding

using Nana Mall's wide range of assortment as your own.


e.g. You wish to build a wechat account or instagram account

to sell Nana Mall's products.

Simply make your customer's purchase on our website,

we will send the parcel within 48 hours.

(exclude weekend/public holiday)

You can mark up the price as high as you like as your profit.







(This will only apply to affiliates)


Introducing our multi-level sales program!


With every new affiliate under your name,

you will receive commission for the sales they make.


You will also earn extra 3% commission for our partner brands


(Swisse / Life Space / Unichi)


Please refer to the below as an example:


 As a beauty blogger, you have referred Nana Mall's affiliate program to your fellow blogger friend.

And your blogger friend has referred Nana Mall's affiliate program to her youtuber friend.

Now, a customer makes a purchase of $1000 USD via the youtuber's friend's link.

So all of a sudden, you will be able to receive 1% of the order amount which is $10 USD!

Your commissions will be sent through Payoneer on monthly basis.


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